Site Help

This page will help you to better navigate the website. Note the following behaviors and conventions:


• Hover over the animated portion of the US Youth Soccer                   Marquee in the Header above and the scrolling will stop. You can then 'click' on one of the News Articles to read more about it.

Page Menu

• Hover over the names of the site's selectable pages that appear just below the picture of LAW 1 – THE FIELD OF PLAY above, e.g.,                       and additional subpages will appear in a Dropdown Menu.

• NOTE: Some functionality, e.g., "hovering", may not work on a Smart Phone or Tablet.

Font Usage

• Page and Section Titles appear throughout in BOLD Black font.

 Important information appears in Red font, sometimes in BOLD.

Information Sharing

• Links / URLs appear in light blue font, e.g., Site Help, which will redirect you back to this Site Help page. A link can be to a publication / document, video, training module, test / quiz, internal page or to an external site. Just 'click' on it.

• New information will appear with a  New  superscript indicator.

Communication and Social Media

• You can direct an e-Mail to an address that appears in a light blue font, e.g.,, which is my e-Mail address. Simply 'click' on it.

• If you 'click' on the familiar social media icons at the bottom of the Footer, you will go to the Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, or Twitter Account.