This private area of the site cannot be navigated to by normal means and is intended primarily for Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) members and Instructors. It contains resources that can be accessed on an as-needed basis, e.g., important IRC Documentation, the online Grade 7 Referee Instructor Course & Grade 8 Assignor Course in Brainshark, logon/sign-in to Box and Dropbox, pages used only seasonally, special topics, and Instructor Resources.

Iowa Referee Committee (IRC)

Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) Documentation:

Documentation for the Iowa State Soccer Referee Association, aka the Iowa Referee Committee (IRC), including Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Policies, and Job Position Descriptions, is maintained in Box.

Online Grade 7 Referee Instructor Course and Test:

This Instructor Course emphasizes the PEACE method of instruction focusing on Platform Skills, Engagement, Audience, Content, and Environment. The 50Q test is PEACE-based and is not a review of the LOTG.

• Grade 7 Referee Instructor Test (Access Code: Instr7)

Online Grade 8 Assignor Course and Test:

Training for this course is specific to preparing Assignors to assign officials working small-sided and recreational youth games, competitive youth games, and games played at the amateur adult level, i.e., the assignment of Grade 9, 8, and 7 referees. The 50Q test is heavily course-based.

• Grade 8 Referee Assignor Test (Access Code: Assign8)

Box Access:

The link below will either take you directly to Box or to the Box Login Screen so you can access the SDI-IA Resource Folder. Our Box contains ready-reference information organized for Administrators, Assessors, Assignors, & Instructors and provides further resources stored in Academy, Course, Exam, Presentation, Publication, RTS, and US Soccer Video sub-folders.

• Box Log In Screen

Dropbox Access:

The link below will either take you directly to Dropbox or to the Dropbox Sign in Screen. Our Dropbox holds IRC By-Laws, Policies, Financial info and all FIFA FUTURO modules since 2011. There is also a "scratchpad" area in which we can collaborate.

• Dropbox Sign in Screen

Seasonal Page(s):

The link(s) below are to pages that are only active certain times of the year, e.g., when the IFAB announces LOTG changes, ... .

• IFAB LOTG Changes

Special Topics:

The link below access pages devoted to special topics or points-of-emphasis, e.g. to US Soccer's Recognize to Recover (R2R) Player Safety Campaign as implemented by Iowa Soccer.

• Player Safety Campaign

Instructor Resources:

The link below is to a resource page for Instructors. This work-in-process currently contains the new Entry-Level Grade 8 Referee Course in Brainshark and a virtual reference document used for instruction built from the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Week-in-Review series.

• Instructor Resources